In the year of 1971, in São Paulo, Alfred Neumann founded "O Mundo Filatélico" beginning the Neumann family activities in the philatelic business. Some years later, in 1993, Claudio Walter Neumann started his own philatelic activities with "Neumann Filatelia", specializing in stamps auctions. At first, sounding the philatelic trends of those years, topical material was the main specialization of the new firm.

During 1993, at the 1st Stamp Auction realized by "Neumann Filatelia", only 503 items were offered to sale. Since then and during the last 26 years, in its 68 Auctions held since then, incredible 300.000 items were offered.

In this year of 2019, "Neumann Filatelia" is completing its 48th anniversary, holding on its tradition of good services to its customers which includes philatelic counseling, evaluations, intermediation, selling and buying stamps and its related items, such as covers, postcards, postal stationery, revenue stamps, collections and accumulations, philatelic literature and accessories.

The "Neumann Filatelia" activities in the world of Philately comprehends a wide range of interests covering from Brazilian pre-philately, early classics and postal history to more modern issues, including its varieties, FDC's, canceled blocks of four with commemoratives cachets. From foreign countries there is large stock of stamps and covers since the first issues until the 80's. "Neumann Filatelia" has also a huge stock of more than 20.000 items of material for topical collectors in general, such as commemorative and special cachets, air letter sheets, maximum cards, traveled covers, FDC's, etc, all classified by topics.


 1 - Our next live stamp sale will be held in XV Club – City of Santos (SP – Brasil) in October 12th (Saturday). Beginning hour is scheduled to 09:30h AM but  we cannot preview how long it will last for it depends on the number of live bidders and biddings. A lunch break may occur at an hour to be agreed on the occasion;

2 - The lots descriptions are in Portuguese

3 - SALES’S DAY SERVICES: For bidders not present to the live sale their bids (by e-mail or mail) will be received until October 11th, 2019, Friday, at 19:00 PM (Brasilia time). We will confirm all email bids received until this limit time. We will be not responsible for e-mail bids not received nor confirmed until this limit time. If there are two or more identical bids, the one received first is given priority. Of course, questions concerning big size lots such as collections, boxes, packets, albums, accumulations, sheets, etc cannot be answered.

4 - BIDDING: Bidders present at the live sale shall bid for themselves. In case of several bids for the same lot, it will be sold to the highest bidder. The value of the purchased lot will be the value of the next lower bid plus 10% (ten per cent), within the maximum limit offered by the bidder. In case of a unique bid for a lot, the value of the purchased lot will be the minimum catalog price, even though a higher bid had been made. Example: a lot with a start price of R$ 100 has only a bid of R$ 300; it will be sold by R$ 100 plus charges. In case of other bid of R$ 200 for the same lot, then is applied the 10% plus rule and the lot will be sold for R$ 220 (R$ 200 + 10%) plus charges to the same bidder who bid R$ 300. In case of a new bid of R$ 290, then the maximum limit offered by the first bidder is observed and the 10% plus rule is not applied. If there are two or more bids of the same value the winner bid will be the first one to arrive. All bidders present at the room or bidding by mail will be identified by a bidder number. Bids below the minimum price will not be accepted. Bids increases are generally of 10% (ten per cent) over the previous bid. However they can be slightly rounded out in some cases so to ease the financial controls. The calling of lots will be made for each entire page of the sale`s catalogue and the eventual bidders shall ask for the lot number they wish to be bid, not depending on any order of the lot in the page.      

5 - BROWSING THE WEB:  www.neumannfilatelia.com.br  is our website where the images of all lots are pictured. Many lots have more than one picture to emphasize or to enlarge some details. To see all them you must click twice on it and then another click to enlarge it. The easiest way to browse our site is through the index at left in the initial page. You can also search by the “key-word” or by the “lot number”. In this case remember always to not use dots to separate figures such as lot 10250 and not 10.250.

6 - COMISSION AND SHIPPING/HANDLING COSTS: In addition to the total price of the lots purchased the buyer pays a commission of 15% (fifteen per cent) in concern of the high accessory and operational expenses. Besides this, the total purchase price will include the handling and shipping costs by registered mail or by any other courier at the buyer own choice and risk. .  

7 - CATALOGS USED AND QUOTES:  RHM 2017 for Brazil with prices in UF (Philatelic Unity); rate: 1 UF = 1$USD.  Many lots are still quoted in Reais according RHM 2013. For foreign countries we used Michel for Germany/German area and Yvert for all other countries. In other cases we used specialized catalogs mentioned in the lot description. As many of our catalogs are not from the last editions maybe some of our values are underpriced.

8 - CONDITION: We have used the symbols used by many countries and catalogs.

** - Original gum, with no hinge traces and without stain spots.

* - Unused, gummed, but gum disturbed by having hinge or hinge traces or stain spots, etc. In some cases we use the words “very clean” meaning that there is only a mounting hinge, traces and no stain spots.

(*) – Unused and ungummed.

- Used/Canceled

9 - RETURNS: All divergence or unconformity in the description/quality and concerning the lots conditions shall be noticed in 10 (ten) days after the reception of the lot. After this limit date no complaints shall be accepted.

10 - GUARANTEE:  We guarantee the authenticity and quality of all items on the sale excepting the ones with the restrictions/remarks described. For lots with restrictions, without guarantee, without expertizing, sold as, sold such as, sold as seen, probable, likely and doubtful they are being sold as they are and the buyer is clearly aware of this condition/restriction. The guarantee is not given to Collections, Boxes, Stocks, Accumulations, Packets and Gatherings because it is not possible to know or state the real quality of the items. Also the guarantee is not given for some lots which are described with an interrogation mark (?) when we are not clearly sure of their classification. For lots described as mixed/varied quality it means that there are together perfect stamps and faulty stamps such as missing perforations, thins, scraps, touched and short margins, the guarantee is also not given.  Always as possible we ask the buyer to inspect these lots.For all the lots with the restrictions/remarks above no complaints or refunds shall be accepted.

11 - DOUBTS: Our staff will be at disposal to answer questions about the lots and how the sales will work through our e-mail: neumannstamps@uol.com.br or contact us by e-mail or WhatsApp 0055 (11) 99950.8331, to ask questions and receive complementary image/information.

On 13th October and 14st October (Monday and Tuesday) our offices will be closed to finish the invoices to be sent to bidders who have bid by e-mail. Bidders can ask for their winning bids, for questions and for the unsold items list only after 13st November (Wednesday).


Any question about how does the auction works please contact us by the e-mail: neumannstamps@uol.com.br

Claudio Walter Neumann - Member of the Brazilian Association of Philatelic Dealers, the IFSDA - International Federation of Philatelic Dealers, board member / partner maintainer of the Society Philatélica Paulista (S.Paulo - Brazil) and ARGE Brasilien (Group of Brazilian stamps studies in Germany)


Neumann Philately - 48 years of Tradition - e-mail: neumannstamps@uol.com.br